How to Write an Essay Outline

Having an essay outline is one of the easiest and quickest ways for writing an essay of any kind. The essay outlines are important because they provide the structure and guidelines for the students writing the essay as they start the writing process. Most importantly to note is that the outline of the essay should be used to briefly summarize the planned content of the essay. It is also important to remember that the content of the essay ought to be arranged in a sensible, and a coherent way.

However, writing an essay outline could be a hard nut to crack for many students in colleges and universities. The following are some tips that would assist a student to develop an outline for the essay in a logical manner.

Firstly, read the guidelines of the assignment insightfully and more carefully.

When reading the guidelines, it is advisable for the students to jot down or underline the key words and phrases in the guidelines.

Thirdly, develop general outline of the essay.

Fourthly, writing various parts of the essay is the introduction, at this part of the essay; the writer will be able to explain why the topic was chose and the objective of the essay.

The other part of the essay is the body; this is the part where the writer will be explaining the various points that had been noted down in different headings. After the body of the essay, the next part is the ending or conclusion part where the writer will be able to summarize the main points that had been discussed in the main body of the essay.

Secondly, develop the topic of discussion if it is not provided by the instructor. This can be done after the writer has decided on which outline maker he or she would use in the paper. Before deciding on the topic of the essay, it is always recommended that some pre-writing should be done.

The pre-writing can be freestyle that should take between five to ten minutes. The writer of the essay should consider writing down the outline of the essay that will make it easier for him or her to write the essay without many struggles. However, it is important to note that the compare and contrast can take at most six paragraphs in the body, therefore it is important for the writer to be a little brief and precise in his or her argument. The final part of the essay is the citation list.

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